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Building Skin-on-Frame
Double Paddle Canoes

This 150-page book, with its 120 photographs and drawings, details how you can build light, beautiful skin-on-frame-boats.

Also check out our twenty-five minute YouTube video How to Build Skin-on-Frame Double Paddle Canoes, which has a table of contents so you can go right to the part you want to see, including chapters on lashing, steaming, skinning and more.

The perfect bound book $27,
and the popular, spiral bound $29

(plus $4 shipping)

Have a look inside

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For a new book by Hilary Russell, "Tugboats and Shipyards: The Russells of New York Harbor, 1844-1962," 

visit What's New or Tugboats and Shipyards site.


2 Canoes.JPG

Here is our new
25 lb. Solo 11 ½’ Plus 

our 18 lb. Solo 10, and

our  Kayak 14 


For details, see the WHAT’S NEW page.

Boats for Sale
Plans CROP 2 copy.jpg

Because of the flexible nature of skin-on-frame boats, you can create more than 30 different boat designs from the 4 sets of plans below.

How to Make Elegant Variations: ways to adjust your boat’s length, width, and general shape by changing the positions of forms and/or adding forms.

  • To produce a sleeker and/or an asymmetrical craft with a bit less volume, move both or one of the end forms inward up to 3½.”

  • To gain some length and narrow ends, simply add up to 2 inches at both ends of the gunwales beyond the two outside forms.

  • Make a 13½’ canoe or kayak 15½’ long by adding 3½” between forms; or use the same method to make a 11½’ solo boat two feet longer.

  • Make an 11½’ canoe 13½', and also widen the boat about an inch by making a second center form, giving you six forms.

  • Of course you can also shorten these boats by reversing the techniques above. For instance, you can have a wider, fuller 11½’ solo canoe by shortening the 13½’ tandem/solo canoe.

The below specifications are approximate figures, depending on the weight of the wood used and other variations in construction.

Boat Plans and Specifications

10½’ Solo Light Canoe Plans (new!) $45 (12 variations) – postage free

LOA 10 ½’

Width 27"

Depth 10” 

Weight 18 lbs.


11½’ Solo Carry Canoe Plans $45 (12 variations) – postage free

LOA 11½’

Width 28”

Depth 10½” 

Weight 21 lbs.

Jeff Bull's ZIP.JPG

13½’ Kayak Plans $45 – postage free 

LOA 13½’

Width 24"

Depth 7" 


Narrow Passage Plans $45 – postage free

LOA 13½’

Width 25"

Depth 9½”

Weight 24 lbs.


13½’ Tandem Carry Canoe Plans (new!) $45 (8 variation) – postage free

LOA 13½’

Width 30"

Depth 11½”

Weight 27 lbs.


Tandem 15½' Plans (new!) $45 – postage free

LOA 15½’

Width 30"

Depth 11½”

Weight 30 lbs.

top closeup.jpg

Double Ender Plans $60 – postage free

LOA 12’

Beam 42”

Depth at center 13¼"

Weight 53 lbs. approx.

Parts Stembands.jpg
Parts Sinew.jpg
Parts Ribs.jpg
Parts Stembands2.jpg

Brass Stembands 

3’ x 3/8”, tapped

$39 per pair – plus postage

Stemband Screws

Enough (with spares) 5/8" and 1/2" silicon bronze #4 screws to secure the stemband to the stem/knee and the keel stringer.


Parts Sinew2.jpg

¼ lb. Imitation Sinew

$15 – plus postage

Parts Ribs2.jpg

Northern White Cedar Ribs

These 1 1/4" x 5/16" ribs should be installed 10" or less apart.

$2.50 each – plus postage

Partial kit - cost depends on the boat t

Partial Kit includes a set of plans, 20-26 ribs, sinew, stembands, and a skin.

Please call or email for details and pricing (cost depends on the boat that will be built)

Partial Kit
Partial Kit
Parts Skin.jpg
Parts Skin2.jpg

13’ of 12 oz. nylon  

$81 – plus postage

15’ of 12 oz. nylon

$93 – plus postage

new-seat Rotate.jpg

Standard Solo 

Our larger-than-normal Caned Seats measure 12”x 14”, and like us, they are rounded in the back.

$48 – plus postage

Solo/Tandem – can be used as a solo seat or a bow seat

Our larger-than-normal Caned Seats measure 12”x 14”, and like us, they are rounded in the back.

$48 – plus postage

Nylon webbing – heavy duty

$48 – plus postage

Caned Seats

To make a purchase, please either use PayPal or mail a check to

Berkshire Boat Building School 

P.O. Box 578, Sheffield, MA 01257

Questions? Email us at or call 413-229-2549.

Thank You!

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