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Solo Plus Boat for Sale

This beefy version of our Solo 11 has an extra-heavy skin, strong ash ribs, and close-cell foam between the skin and the frame. The cushioning effect of the dense, yet compressible foam, cushions the canoe skin when encountering rocks, logs, beaver-gnawed sticks, and other obstacles that can get in the way of a canoe.

Solo Plus Boat for Sale

With a heavy-duty web seat, our new self-adjusting backrest (see below), our new stem/knee design (see below), and its forest green detailing, the boat is comfortable, tracks well, and is good looking.

Solo Plus Boat for Sale
Solo Plus Boat for Sale

Length – 11 ½”

Beam – 28”

Depth at center – 11”

Skin 11 oz. nylon

Weight – 25 lbs.

Price: $1, 299


Solo 10

Solo 10 Boat for Sale

The Solo 10’ is a super light-weight boat with red lashings and red elm ribs. This is the same tough, beautiful wood that J. Henry Rushton used for ribs in the double paddle canoes that he built in the late 19th century.

Solo 10 Boat for Sale

Equipped with a large, walnut-framed web seat and our self-adjusting backrest, the canoe is as comfortable when you are paddling as it is when you are carrying it.

Solo 10 Boat for Sale

Length – 10

Beam – 27”

Depth at center – 10 ½’

Skin 7 oz. nylon

Weight – 18 lbs.

Price: $949


Kayak 14

Solo 10 Boat for Sale

This light-weight, hand-built kayak has a roomy cockpit, long and narrow enough to track well, yet is compact enough to maneuver easily.

Length – 13’8”

Beam (width) – 24”

Depth – 8”

Cockpit – 24”x 34”

Weight – 33lbs

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